All kinds of crazy stupid shit happens all the time and we all just go with it like its totally regular. Im serious. Why does life have to involve:

driving through a construction zone and there are orange cones splattered everywhere they could possibly dump them and you have no idea where you are supposed to go or where your lane will lead you???

When you have to pee soooo friggin bad and then you finally get to the bathroom and unzip your pants...just as you are about to relieve yourself you forget the child safely lock is on the toilet seat & you end up having to hold it for an extra 3 seconds.

The moment when sudden extreme hunger onsets and you didn't even have an inkling of this feeling just seconds before. Now you want to murder everyone until you eat.

Dogs licking their butts.

Someone ringing my doorbell at the very moment I just put the Nugget down to nap. How do people have such impeccable timing?

All I want is a coke from a coke machine and the stupid f***ing machine just keeps rejecting my money.

Going to the bank drive through and inevitably you ALWAYS choose the line that moves the slowest. Then someone pulls up behind you  therefore locking in your fate to be the longest trip to the bank ever known to man kind.

A husband who kicks the dog's water bowl and it spills EVERYWHER …. Every. Single. Day.

I Mean none of this stuff really matters but sometimes its funny to think about all the bazaar stuff that seems to happen repeatedly. 

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