There Really Is No Place Like HOME!

I think everyone has their places, sights, sounds, foods, etc that only belong to “home” and cant ever be replaced. The feeling of driving into the beautiful hills of southern Indiana gives such a warm, cozy, easy feeling that no landscape of Indianapolis will ever give me. My Indianapolis home gives me energy, excitement of hustle and bustle that doesn't exist for me in southern Indiana. Both “homes” I adore but it such very different ways. Today, I'm focusing on the foods of each home that can't be duplicated. Food seems to have a direct life line to the heart of every person. Everyone has that meal their Mama makes or a dish that only a certain town or city has. Food can have such sentiment.

Home. MY REAL HOME. Back home. Southern Indiana...Where I grew up.

After a Sunday breakfast of long john donuts back home I decided that some things about home cant ever be replaced. A long john donut, for instance, is never right for me unless its from Holiday Foods back home. What I find around here is the texture of the donut is all wrong, as is the taste. Don't even get me started about the proportion of donut to chocolate topping. No one gets is right up here, Im telling ya.

KFC will never hold a candle to Grandy's in my book. Grandy's fried chicken is a zillion times better plus they have breaded okra as a side option. Okra is like my number 2 all time fav. Veggie. I swear I have to go home to get good fried chicken and okra. You would think being in a city some one would get it right.

Fleig's.......Oh Fleig's. Wow. You guys really need to become a franchise. The. Best. Gizzards. And. Hearts. EVAH! I know you all are like WTF!!! But we are all german back home and that means GOOD EATIN'.

Jenk's Pizza. It's the best. Plain and simple.

And then there is Mother Hen. Her liver & onions with a side of german fried potatoes are legendary. Its the meal I request for any birthday or occasion when I get the luxury of choosing. This meal is only right if its prepared in her kitchen, ate at her table, on her beautiful yellow fiesta-ware plates. Its my meal.

Home. MY NEW HOME. My Indy Home. Where we live now.
(I always say I live in Indy even though I technically don't.)

Scotty's fried pickles. I could eat a whole plate of them every single day.

Volcano's shrimp tempura roll. We had never experienced sushi until we moved here. Of all our trials this one wins. No city, no other restaurant has topped it yet. We eat it once a week.

Our favorite mexican restaurant near us closed. :-( It used to be Cancun. I have a hole in my heart.

The meal I make. Thai Peanut Chicken Noodles. Its my rip off recipe from a local favorite restaurant, Kona Grill. They discontinued this dish from their menu a few years ago. It was up to me to create it on my own. I've got it down. It's sorta “my dish” up here that I make. I didn't get this recipe from anyone. Trial and error until I got it right. This one is only “right” when eaten with Tom, in our house.

Gosh Im hungry now. :-)

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