Yummy Chicken!

Im the first to admit Im a novice in the kitchen. I stick to what I know and rarely try new things. I think we all go through these phases ,like what Im currently in, where nothing sounds good and Im so sick of the same stuff I always make. I like lots of foods but I hate sauces for the most part and heavy seasoning which kinda chucks a lot of different dishes and meals right out the window. Yesterday was just one of those days where I had to mix it up. I couldn't just simply bake the chicken one more time. I found the recipe for Crispy Oven-Baked Chicken on Pinterest and it turned out brilliantly!
I don't like to follow exact measurements because Im way too lazy so my directions will be less specific than the actual recipe.

*One stick of butter
*Garlic cloves minced according to how much you like garlic – I used 3.
Heat/Melt butter in skillet with garlic and then cool in a dipping bowl

*I used 3 thick slices of my sister-n-laws most fabulous home-made sour dough bread
*Crazy Jane Mixed Up Salt (the only kind I will use because its the best ever of all the world's salt)
*Shredded parmesan – I used prob a 3/4 cup because we like parmesan
Finely grind up in food processor and pour into a separate bowl from butter.
Dip chicken breasts in cooled butter/garlic mix and then roll in the bread crumb mixture until completely covered. Just lay them out on foil covered cookie sheet and drizzle remaining garlic butter over the top in the end. Bake for 40-50 min at 400.

This was just so super duper easy and made such JUICY chicken breasts with just a tiny layer of delicious crispy on the outside! I felt the taste was perfect and not too overwhelming for me. So if your like me and make a lot of chicken in your house and need something new to try give it a whirl.

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