5 Rules of Customer Service-Spicey Chicken Style.

Due to a recent VERY UPSETTING experience with a big bank (this is a well known bank that should have their customer service skills in place) I am prompted to share what I have learned about customer service through my experience being a Hair Designer.

2.Always give thorough answers to any questions and then follow up to make sure they completely understand all facets of whatever you might be dealing with.
3.Always return calls and emails in a timely manner- even if you cant answer a question they have or provide the info they need. Just contact them back so they don't feel ignored!
4.Really evaluate who you are dealing with...is it an Attorney? Accountant? Engineer? Designer? Teacher? ---This is absolutely IMPERATIVE to how you communicate with an individual! A person's job/career speaks VOLUMES as to how they think and what sort of details they might be most concerned with!
5.Customers can be wrong even though we all say they never are. You CAN tell them their wrong in a nice way and thoroughly explain how/why. People really are appreciative of good information as long as you don't come across condescending. No one really wants to walk around believing something that isn't true. Just approach it in a kind and informative manner.

These are obviously just my opinions. I truly believe that I was exceptional with my customer service skills and always treated my clients well. I learned all this through the salon, mentors, friends, family, and just my own life experiences. I just wish ALL industries viewed themselves as a part of the customer service world. We all need to be mindful of those who we deal with in our daily lives through work or personal time.

**A final farewell to Vidal Sassoon. He will be missed but a very vital part of the beauty industry forever. We all owe a big thanks for his contributions to bringing REAL style to the U.S.**

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