“The cards we are dealt”- our loan officer

I haven't written about our house buying crisis yet because quite honestly its been crazy busy chaos that revolves around something more intimate and dear to a person than we all sometimes recognize. How much we all take for granted, our home. No matter who you are, no matter how much money you have be so thankful for your home- be it an apartment, house, or dorm room, anywhere. If you have a place that makes you happy and is where you can call home you are lucky! Home is a treasure that we often forget about once the novelty of moving in wears off.

Its been 7 full months since we first began our financial planning and working closely with our loan officer. After lots of phone calls, papers signed, money saved and then spent, “problems” resolved, & tears we are down to exactly 5 days before we will either have a house or not. The deal is off on both ends (us & the sellers) after this week. This is surely one of the biggest real estate and mortgage mysteries of all time -according to everyone we speak with. Its been two months of our loan being processed and millions of new papers needing signed and proof of items that we already dealt with months ago over again. None of it makes sense. There is no real reason why we haven't been approved yet. But ladies and gents....this is a sign of the times. Banks have to verify everything about a person before they get loans these days and if one red flag (even a FALSE one in our case) goes up you may as well kiss your chances goodbye. We were so lucky to own a home at the ripe age of 21 when we bought our first house. Today we stand much more established, more financially secure, and with a child and are having a hard time buying a house. It was so personal at first. Don't they see that we have NEVER missed a payment on anything before or that we have great credit, or that we have more than enough income to afford this house???????? As this last month has passed by (as my mother said)- I have been through the grieving process. Im not as mad. Maybe Im numb, I don't know. I don't think about the house we are trying to buy very much. All I think of is simply having ANY PLACE to call a home so that we can all live together again. (hubs is in Indy and Nugget and I are back home at my parents). Stainless steel appliances don't concern me as much anymore, nor do hardwood floors. I don't care if it has 4 bedrooms – we actually only need two if we wanna get real here. You get the point though. These are all just things that we have the LUXURY of getting to be snobby about in our culture.
As we now are exploring our options with renting a house for a year or so while we (prob.) will build a house, the idea of even owning a home is less appealing. I know we will heal, forget, and someday have that urge and the want to own again. Today Im focused on whats really important. Simply a place to call home. A home can be anywhere as long as you are all together. I just yearn for place to unpack Nae Nae's toys, crib, clothes, our own bed, sofa, etc. These are all just things but things that make us comfortable, and each and every one of these things will fit almost anywhere. This home we are trying to buy wasn't custom built to accommodate our things only. Its simply the structure that will house whats most important and what would make it feel “right” or “home.” Us and our belongings. Where ever we end up at the end of this week will be God's plan and I fully believe that. Im choosing to have blind faith. Im letting go as much as I can to just follow this path. We made no mistakes to end up in our current position therefore no damage to repair. Only good is to come from here. “These are the cards we are dealt.” Our loan officer keeps telling us.

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