Childhood Memories.

After my lil Nae Nae has torn Nana and Poppy's house apart over and over again, She came across some of my very favorite books from my childhood. Some were my very first favorites that I can remember loving and some were from later childhood. When I look at my old books and toys sometimes I feel like she is missing out on the cool stuff I had! Toys and books these days seem so different! Anyway, It was such a fun blast from the past flipping through them again and showing them off to my lil girl. I'm hoping to find a few online to buy just for her. Only one book missing from my all time favorite pile “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom” - but she already has my original of that one! 

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  1. Hey my little chick you are so very right the old toys & books are clasic and lots of fun, you both can enjoy them.