I Judge Books by the Cover.

If Im looking to buy a book it needs to A) be written by an author whom I'm already familiar with or B) have a pretty cover. Yes...I actually judge books by the cover. I can not help it. Im a visual person. “Pretty things” just make my wheels crank. If the cover looks awesome I usually don't even read the back to see what it is even about! I wouldn't say I read a TON but enough to say that its very rare that a book with a fab cover ever disappoints me.
  • FUN FACT-My current book and Im loving it: “Mommywood”-Tori Spelling and I cant wait to get my hands on her new book “CelebraTORI”!!!!!!!!!!!

I follow a similar principal when choosing movies. Flashy previews with big name celebs, etc are instant must see movies for me. In case I haven't mentioned before though, I only watch comedy or romance movies and the same goes for books too! If Im doing something in my precious free time I want it to be light, fun, and possibly exciting. No heavy drama or scarey shit. I want to actually relax.
  • FUN FACT-Most recent movie love was “What to Expect When You are Expecting” -Don't watch this if your prego though. It has some parts that may cause unnecessary stress and worry.

Finally, I judge wine by it's label. I get most excited about purple labels. DUH! What a surprise, I know! LOL
I almost never hate a bottle of wine with a purple label. :-) Purple is symbolic of all good in my life. I swear this. Also I like fun names of wine-for example “cupcake” brand wine kinda rocks my world for the name alone but it does taste good too.
  • FUN FACT: My favorite Purple labeled wine is: Purple Cowboy-Tenacious Red

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