List #5.

1.I think Im sick of empty frame collage-groupings.

2.When good things happen to my friends and family I swear it brings me the most true happiness. :-)

3.My parents basement is so cold. Brrrrrrrrrr! (Im freezing as we are down hear about to enjoy another “Rocky” movie)

4.I love dogs!

5.Tom says if we have another girl someday she will be “Spring Chicken”.....I.CAN.NOT.STOP.LAUGHING. At that name! Bahahahahahhaha

6.A nugget photo-shoot needs to happen like um..5 minutes ago. I need to do that SOON!

7. She can now identify 9 body parts! She's getting way to grown up & smart too fast!!!

8.I know I already said this in a prior post but I really don't like summer clothes. I have no idea what I like enough to buy for this year.

9.I have seen TWO real life snakes in the last 6 weeks and neither were in a zoo. What does this mean?? Are the snakes out to get me?? eeeeek!!

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