List #6.

1. I found the best (new to me) scent from woodwick candles! Escape. I want like 16 of them.
2. I'm so behind on almost all my typical TV shows. :-(
3. I hate how Im always SOOOOOOO cold!
4. I painted all day yesterday at my sister's house and I am not even the   slightest bit sore. This is incredible. I usually feel like I'm dying the next day.
5. If I have one chip on just one nail I have to remove all my nail polish. I cant handle chipped nails. (I had to take off my giraffe nails...but they made it 6 days and that surpassed what I expected! YAY!)
6. I really don't like button down shirts. They are super uncomfortable, need ironed, and I don't think they even look that great on women unless they have big boobs.
7. I wish I had good handwriting.

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