No to Neon.

I have heard Mother Hen say it a zillion times: “I wore it the first time around and I'm not wearing it again” This is in reference to how styles come and go in a circles. History repeats itself over and over again- with minor adjustments. Even though I was born in the 80's it really hasn't been until this current 80's/early90's neon florescent phase we are in that I can say I honestly remember wearing it as a child. AND I'm turning into my Mom. Yep, I said it. I wore it once and it sickens me to think of wearing those HIDEOUS colors again. This is obviously just my opinion. Mother Hen said it best though, telling me I have “arrived.” hahaha :-) I've seen lots people rock out these recycled colors and look totally cute but it's not my thing. I consider my self fashion forward but that doesn't mean you have to embrace and wear every new trend. So I plan to let this one pass. It's most important to me to wear my clothes and not let clothes wear me- hence my not jumping on board with every single new trend.

To wrap up:

-I'm becoming my Mom ;-)
-I wont be wearing Florescent this year.

...Just so you all know.

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