Nugget Style.

Loving the warm weather. Not loving that it got so hot so fast. Im a little behind on shopping for my Miss Nae Nae Nugget's summer clothing. I've been spending a lot of her nap times this week shopping online for some more summer fancies for her & I'm reminded once again how much I LOATHE the sizing on baby clothes. I know I don't have a “normal” size child but there really is a MUCH simpler way to this. I HATE that the sizing is by months. It literally means NOTHING. All babies are all over the place with weight and height... you cant possibly use that as a guide. Why cant they just label according to weight ranges. Seriously when you look at the size charts for all the different brands, a “12 mo.” for instance, can vary up to like 3 lbs across the different brands I like to shop from. 3 lbs on a baby makes a HUGE difference! Like MAJOR difference!!!!! My poor lil nugget is almost 16 months old and for her shorts is still wearing like a 6-9 month and for dresses is only like a 12 month size. The only thing she is fitting in according to her age is her needing 18 month shirts due to her height. She is ALL over the place!! Which you can also assume she isn't able to wear any of the combo outfits that are sold together. Almost all Moms bitch about the sizing labels so why wont these brands change it?? I should start a petition to have it changed....
On a positive note I'm really finding some fun things for her. This might be the year of the “romper” for her. Im LOVING the ones I'm finding. Target and Carter's are as always my best sources for her clothes. Targets brands: Cherokee and Circo fit her really well as do Carter's. These brands seem to be a bit more “slim” cut where as places like Old Navy, Children's Place are a bit too boxy for her. Gap fits her decently but not really her/my style. We like a bit more bling and brightness!!!!

Now I really need to find some clothes for myself. **speaking of this, Did I ever mention that one time I was shopping online for Nugget and I actually forgot I was looking for her and caught myself checking to see if an item (of toddler clothing) came in my size??? hahahhaha I seriously cant believe I did that. Turkey makes fun of me all the time. This also says a lot about my style maturity. BAHAHAH!!!

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