Salon Effects.

Many people don't realize this, but as a licensed cosmetologist, I'm not just licensed and trained in hair. My training and licensing encompasses hair, skin, and nails. Hair, makeup, skin care, nails, etc. all kinda go hand in hand. If you are good at one of them you probably are good at them all. With all this said, I can give a mean manicure. It's been a while since I gave them to other people but on myself I can do a pretty bang up job! Gels and standard polish I have mastered pretty well for someone who isn't doing this full time. After seeing my friends try and wear Sally Hansen Salon Effects (found at CVS or any place that carries Sally Hansen) for a while now, I knew if they could do it I could too. With my sisters wedding tomorrow I decided this was a great event to try out some “spicey” nails! I went with the giraffe print. -I have a MAJOR weakness for animal prints!! My biggest concern going into this was the prep of having my nails buffed even and smoothly so there would be ridges underneath and also getting these little nail polish strips on without ripples or folds. I did a very thorough job with my prep work so I cant say what these look like on top of nails with no buffing but surprisingly these little dudes go on SO EASY and it took almost no effort to keep them from folding and getting ripples. I did however HATE the orange wood stick to smooth as if you weren't careful it would slice into the patterned strip. I found that just smoothing with my fingers tips worked better and I could stretch the strip easy that way if I needed too. I did end with a clear top coat of polish due to doing hair tomorrow for the wedding and not wanting to risk them chipping off. I was worried the top coat might eat through the strips but it didn't at all. I don't know if the “10 days” they advertise is really true... I have a hard time believing I'm going to get anymore then about 4 days out of these puppies. At 9 dollars or so for a package I am super happy and impressed with the finished fun look and ease of the product. ANYONE can use these. You don't need to be awesome at nails to have success.

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  1. I love these! I usually can get about 10 days out of them!!!!

    Also I wasn't really looking at your nails but your rock :)