Zoop. Yes, that's right. Zoop! This one is actually a Mother Hen word. She busted this beauty like 2 years ago on a chickens adventure day that us chicks like to do from time to time. It really was a heavenly, majestic, gorgeous, & sublime moment of chicken language creation. We simply needed to turn around in a parking lot. Instead of just saying “turn around” Mother Hen dazzled us with “Just zoop right on through here.” I. CAN. NOT. GET. OVER. THIS. I guess you all know now where my creativity with words and changing them around comes from. I have to say, Mother Hen truly ruffled my feathers- IN A GOOD WAY! 


  1. Oh yes. We were zooping that day!

  2. Hahahah and that was even 'before' we had our fancy drinks for lunch.