Achieving Goals.

My weekend was full of lots of creating!
Began Friday with a cookout and tried out two new recipes. Both were huge hits and super duper easy! Love it! Began with a fabulous steak, creek fries, and my new corn on the cob recipe! One of our favorite places in the world is NYC -- there, is the restaurant Cafe Habana in Soho . They have the BEST corn on the cob of ALL TIME!!! I found a very similar recipe on Pinterest and gave it a try! It was a darn close replica! YUM!!!

My other new recipe was from a blog I follow: “Casa de Lewis” and her Cinnamon Snail recipe! Also super YUMMY and way easy.

After mulching and planting some haustas on Sunday morning, I whipped out my chevron with a zebra influence canvas art! They turned out perfect. 

And Everyone lets not forget how Important my renewal of Margarita Sundays is! Such a refreshing way to wrap up the weekend!

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  1. did you paint those yourself?!?! I LOOOOOOVE THEM