Buy Buy Baby VS. Babies R Us.

after two shopping trips to Buy Buy Baby I gonna go Team Babies R Us. Most of all because I like to be “brand loyal.” I tend to embrace the same brands & stores over and over again. It is just my style. But to be completely honest there are pros and cons to both places.

Babies R Us is sort of a nightmare to navigate and know where things are-especially for newbies. BBBaby's store is much more tidy. I like that. Felt clean...but was that only because its new and a zillion Mamas & babies haven't ripped through there yet????

I feel like BRUS has a huge brand selection where as BBBaby has a million in stock but only a few actual options to choose from. While shopping for a new monitor at BBBaby I was SUPER ANNOYED at their selection. Having already seen the options at Target and BBRUS I knew their options were very limited. However part of the reason BRUS feels like a nightmare is BECAUSE they have so many choices – its a catch 22. At the end of the day I prefer having choices as irritating as that can actually be for some items. (refer to my sippy cups post)

While shopping from a registry there I felt it was easier to find what I wanted in that store than it sometimes can be at BRUS. That was a pleasant experience. BUT their diaper selection was pitiful. I don't typically go to a baby superstore to pick up the Nugget's diapers but since I was there I wanted to grab a box. They had their shelves filled with the small packages –you know the ones wrapped in plastic. If you actually have a kid in diapers, any parent knows those packs are enough to last but like 3 days. So with only one small shelf with just a few jumbo boxes in on certain sizes -you could say I felt like they missed the mark on that one. The small packs are excellent for gifts but if you are needing to actually stock for your home...they may or may not have the right brand and size in the big box.

So thats that. Like everything else you simply have to know what atmosphere you can shop in and what meets your needs the most. I def. think I'll be back to BBBaby occasionally, but it will not become my default superstore.

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