I've wanted to put up some animal pictures in Miss Janae's playroom, but I get sort of sick of Frames all over the house. I really wanted to switch it up and come up with a different way to hang stuff in that particular room. Its such a fun crazy space in the house, so I knew this was the place to do something different. After racking my brains & considering different options such as bulletin boards, frames, canvas prints...etc It finally dawned on me that clothespins would looks so cute on the wall to hang some fun prints. Right now I have pictures of animals up but because its so easy to just clip the clothespin on the picture I will be able to change the pictures out super easily as her interests change. This is even a great place to display her finger paintings etc. This was crazy ultra cheap and a super fun solution to my not wanting to hang frames!!

Next fun project is an entertainment center turning into a kitchen for her! The plans are nailed down and we hope to dive in next week!!!


  1. I love the pics - especially the horse and donkey. ;-)