"Fifty Shades" Finished.

I've finished the Fifty Shades series. I still stand by my opinions in my first post saying I thought the first book was filthy and lacked a strong story line. BUT book two and three sucked me in. The story picked up...very dramatic and not realistic but awesome all at the same time. Bottom line: Im a sucker for a love story. I was actually sad when I finished Fifty Shades Freed (book 3) yesterday. I hope another comes along someday. My one tiny complaint is that book 3 wrapped up the story really fast with little detail. I need more info!!! In one sense Im so happy to be done with these books because they distracted me during my “get things done” time in a huge way but Im also feeling sad to not have an awesome book going. So, I'm looking for a great love story again or something funny if anyone has any suggestions. I don't want another book version of porn though...

Thats it. Thats all. Happy Wednesday everyone!!

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