"Fifty Shades of Grey"

Gray or Grey??? What do you all think? I prefer “grey” personally, but to each their own.

Finished it. It was OK. Not worth all the fuss. Im undecided if I will read the other two. I have downloaded it on my Ipad but for some reason I am not sold on it yet. If I knew that the story would evolve a lot then yes I'll read on but if it just more of the same messed up, filthy, bondage, demeaning situations then I'll pass. I love a good love story-especially when someone is playing hard to get but I personally thought the book was too graphic for my taste - a bit too kinky. Just too much sex and not enough actual story. Im just guessing, but I bet this could be a two book series if less time, words, and pages were spent on detailing their sexual activities. I mean every time was a repeat of the last. Same descriptive words and all. Almost copied and pasted with a few new words inserted.

Additionally, Im super grossed out knowing how many people loved this book and knowing so many people read it! I mean EWWWW! Lets all stop talking about it because now Im judging you if you LOVE this book...Now I think your a kinky sex addict. HAHAHA!! Im only kidding about judging you but I do feel weird about how much people are talking about it.

I obviously liked it enough to finish it so it wasn't like I HATED it...I suppose I just had too high of expectations after months of everyone “oooohing” and “ahhhhing” over this book. 

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