A Good Tank.

Ok so I've clearly expressed that summer fashions aren't my cup of tea. I just don't think they look as cute nor am I comfy in those types of clothes. However I refuse to boil in the hot sun, so at some point I have to give in and find some stuff I like. Well who wants to spend loads of money of things that you don't love anyway right??? So I found these amazeballs basic tanks for just 7 bucks each at JCPenny. I don't typically shop there but lately they have had some really great stuff and brought in some really trendy items and new labels. I first discovered these as I shopped at Penny's to snatch up a new pair of colored denim jeans and right before I paid I noticed these basic tanks on display and saw the price and the length of the tank. I grabbed a white one and thought Id give it a try. It hands-down has become my favorite layering piece-- I had to order two more.

The deal with tanks are this. First I don't like anything thats see through. It better be thick enough fabric to be opaque but yet not so think that you think your wearing a sleeveless sweater. Second, I struggle to find tanks, or any shirt for that matter, that is long enough on me in an xs/small size. I LOATHE shirts that are short. I like shirts to hit mid hip as this length is flattering to show off a nice figure. third, as I mentioned above Im a cheapo about a lot of things and the $7 price tag on these totally rock my world. Last, any shirt better retain its shape. I have no tolerance for a top that is stretched or sloppy after an hour of wearing. 

When I get excited about something, I feel the need to share. So these tanks are killer and if you need some new basics this A.N.A. Brand at JCPenny's is great source!
**Oh and I should state these are a solid Non-Ribbed material which makes them less casual and able to flex in many different ways.**

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