A Grilled Meal.

It has happened to us all....where the meal doesn't turn out quite right. You know what Im talking about. Well lets just say there was a “situation” this last weekend at my parents where this may or may not have happened. There may or may not have been a bit of a grill fire. The only words to describe the “situation” are just a few direct quotes that I wrote down as this all unfolded.

This isn't how I envisioned it....” - Mother Hen

I love watching all of your faces as you try this meal” -Turkey Tom

< Mother Hen did the UNTHINKABLE!!! She actually spit out chewed up food back onto her plate! Who else in the world has seen their Mother do this???? NO ONE!!!! No one ever in the history of time has seen their Mother behave that way! This was my single most favorite moment of the “situation.”>

Maybe this will get me out of grilling for the rest of my life.” - The Rooster King

I need to scrape my tongue.” - Mother Hen

Im so glad this meal is over.” - The Rooster King

I've gotta get this off my mind.” - The Rooster King

What's Dad doing out there??” - Me: Spicey Chicken

Sulking....” - Turkey Tom

Need I say more??????

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  1. Eeewwwwww seriously can't think about that and pretty sure will never be able to order 'blackened' anything from a restaurant.