Home Grown Deliciousness.

Ok people. If you don’t like fresh home grown garden veggies then you are mental. I mean it. In all honestly, Im so super spoiled. I grew up on almost all home grown and made from scratch foods therefore Im a total snob about a few things. One being green beans –my 3rd favorite food of all time.



3.Green beans




Notice no meats made it into my top favorite foods! ;-)

Anyway…Mother Hen and The Rooster King are the best ever and have always grown green beans and then canned them for my and my siblings spoiled asses to eat year round. I can’t even handle green beans from the can or any restaurant. YUCK! After years of catering to my taste buds it was time to come home and actually lend a hand in the hugely long process of picking, cleaning, and canning of the beans. After a full 12 hours yesterday and we ended with 49 quarts of green beans to feast on until next year.
Freshly picked, cut up and cleaned
In jars & ready to go in the pressure cooker

Seriously.....49 of these bad boys! ^

So worth the work I must say! - - And a great learning experience as well. Success! Plus this was all a great excuse for a trip home :-)

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