I Love My Husband.

Did you know that it’s considered REALLY ULTRA ANNOYING by my Turkey Husband when…….

-  he is driving: to count out loud each freckle on his face and touch each one as I go???

- I try to convince him that he needs a “pet” at work. Like a lizard or fish.

- I wanted to kiss every centimeter of his face -one kiss at a time.

- I sit down and pout like a child in public.

- Tell him to “go” just one moment after the stop light has turned green.

- When I hold my hand over his face to see if he is awake.

-When I slap him and start singing after he had JUST dozed off…. ( I know you want to know what I sang…”If I could turn back time…….“by Cher)

-When I ask him to get me something and then as soon as he comes back with it I have to get up to use the bathroom.

Nothing else about me annoys him EVER. Im perfect in every other aspect.

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