Lake Michigan.

Success! Our First miniature family vacation was a hit! The first indicator that this trip went well was that no one vomited...and by no one I mean me. Growing up I LITERALLY threw up on every single family vacation! I was the most car/motion sick kiddo ever to live. To make things worse I didn't only throw up on car rides, Id pretty much always spit up when I swam. I don't even know what my deal is/was, so don't ask. All I know is this isn't a lie...you can ask Mother Hen.

Anyway, travel time only took about 2 hr 40min to get to our cottage on Lake Michigan. It was such an easy way to get to a beach without dragging a toddler on a plane to Florida or some other place. We have decided this is -FOR SURE- a quick trip that will be happening many summers in the future.

We stayed in a really cute cottage in this awesome community of all fun unique cottages! I don't know how many wagon rides we did through the little village. Janae and I loved looking at all the fun colors of the different cottages! Someday when I have so much money that I don't know what to do with it, I want to own one! ;-) The community was walking distance to the beach, had an awesome play area (even Tom and I had to play on some of the “stations” there! LOL!) and its own pool area and a whole other small lake for fishing etc. It was just exactly what we needed for a relaxing get-away, yet had enough to keep the Nugget occupied! It was perfect.

Nae Nae L.O.V.E.D. the beach and the water. Surprisingly the water wasn't even that cold...although it was about 743 degrees outside so Im not shocked that the water felt good. She couldn't get enough of shoveling her sand and then chasing birds. She was so funny to watch! I took so many pictures of her, its obnoxious! I cant help it though. Her booty is too cute in a swimsuit! And since Im that annoying Mom that thinks her baby is the cutest ever Im gonna make you all look at what I would consider a modest amount of pictures compared to what I took.


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  1. I'm jealous. Two cute chickies out having a fun time. Looks like she has this beach scene figured out.