Live VIBRANTLY, Not Perfectly.

I think I have been living my life exactly like this but didn't know it until recently. I've been running a marathon through my life...grow up-cosmetology school-career-buy a house-married-have a baby-buy new house......Thats a short list that sums up the constant state of excitement I have been living for the last 8 years or so. Now that I no longer work outside of the home I have a bit more time to hear my thoughts. This isn't a bad thing at all. I really enjoy this actually. The journey of becoming a mom and now staying at home has caused me to think things through more thoroughly and really understand who I am. While every person is always changing and new experiences will shift your actions and feelings I think I have a good grasp of who I am TODAY. When I came across this quote a few months ago it really struck me and feels like the catchphrase for my life. It really speaks to me as to how I think, act, and also how I want to live my life as time goes on. 

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