Play-Date Fun!

One of the greatest joys of being a stay at home mom is having play-dates. They are not only a blast for the kiddos but a great source of socialization for the Mamas too! The nugget and I are so lucky in the fact that I had many friends have babies around the same time as I had Nae Nae. So we sorta had an automatic playgroup! While its near impossible to get us all together at the same time we still have such a good time no matter who makes it or not. As our little group of babies are growing into little miniature people it has been such a joy to watch them become friends and interact. As a Mama it just never gets old seeing them gibber gabber at each other, hug and kiss one another, steal each others toys and then give them back again. It truly a miracle in action to watch them instinctively know how to interact at such a young age. Having successfully survived the baby phase with my first born, I just look back in awe at how it all just happens and works. The human body WANTS to develop and grow. It's truly one of God's miracles.

Just a fun shot from Nae's and Addie's last afternoon of fun:

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  1. They look like two verrrrry happy little nuggets!