A Project Kind of Week.

Holy Moly! This is going to be a busy week involving spray paint, staining, my hot glue gun, and using my ever-favorite Cricut. I got a head start for this weeks To Do List/Projects that are ready to be shared!

After some awesome Mother Hen and Spicey Chicken quality time spent antique hunting, I grabbed four of these wooden crates at just 5 bucks a pop. Originally I had no real plan in mind other than I knew they needed to go in the basement. It wasn't until I actually stacked them in the shop to carry them up to the register that I was like YESS! I'll secure them all together just like this and they make an amazing little table for Tom's remotes, beer, chips, playstation shiz in the basement by his recliner! He LOVED my idea and hopped to it immediately yesterday and we got her done! It even made a great little lap top table for him as he watched his race yesterday!

My other tiny, itty bitty, addition to my house was these “YUM” letters to the kitchen. I have wanted to go buy these and get them painted for the top of the cabinets since the day we moved in. You know how it is though...sometimes its the cheapest and smallest projects that keep getting pushed to the side because you convince yourself that “oh thats so quick, i'll just do it tomorrow!” After two months “tomorrow” came and they are finally up there! :-)

This is all for today. I have at least three more projects (hopefully 4 if I can focus and get some work done) to share this week as I get them done.

I LOVE WEEKS LIKE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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