Another July Goal.

In addition to my previously posted July goals Im adding this one:

I will NOT purchase ANYTHING AT ALL online for this entire month-as well as NO purchases that aren't needed. This means no clothes, no house stuff...NADA!

After our credit card number being stolen, and then replaced only to be stolen again all in just one weeks time AS WELL AS in the last month finding out there was fraudulent activity on a card we NEVER even activated from 3 years ago and even possess, I refuse to even use what will be our future new card/number (whenever we get it) for an entire month. I want to lay low. I am changing all passwords and making them absolutely impossible for someone to guess for all online money related sites. I am deleting our Paypal account and anything in the world thats attached to any money account of ours. Im DONE with this fraud stuff thats been circling us for the last couple weeks.  

1 comment:

  1. Good grief you are going to have withdrawl NO shopping. Wow all our advances in ease of doing things (ie internet, on line banking) is taking us full circle back to CASH!