Business Cards.

I may or may not have a bit of an Etsy addiction. I almost always turn to Etsy for purchasing most things other than clothing it seems. I find myself admiring every package I get in the mail. From the actual product I ordered to the wrapping and most of all the business cards. Im such a sucker for amazing business cards. I have no idea why they catch my eye so much but it almost pains me to throw them away.
Now that I have addressed the above I should say I'm in major party planning mode right now. I have a few things Im planning for and its all I can think about at the moment. As always I find myself turning to Etsy for fun gifts and d├ęcor...etc. For my upcoming events. Funny enough I found a few MUST HAVE items and just as I went to purchase those things I found that the shop/person I was buying from lives right here in Fishers...just a few minutes away. So I actually save mega $$ on shipping and met her to pick up what would have been at least 15-20 dollars in shipping for how big of box it required. SCORE!!! I love what I got and I freaking LOVED her business card + gumballs gift inside! YAY!! DOUBLE SCORE!!
So thats what started it.... Now I officially want business cards. WHY??? I DONT KNOW. I am a stay at home mom. I dont have a business but I feel like I want them anyway. My parents think this is the most ridiculous idea ever. My husband just laughs as this is typical “Spicey Chicken” behavior and my best friends supports me as she always does. There is a reason why she is my best friend you know. She always “gets me” and thinks my ideas are brilliant. Now the big decisions have to be made.

1.Should I really waste the money to “scratch this itch” --about wanting pretty business cards
2.Since I dont actually have a business what is my industry??? Tom suggests “being awesome” while Natalie had a much more practical approach of “Stay at Home Mom, Fashionista, Photographer, Hairstylist, blogger, Wife.....etc.
3.What is my pretend business called?

Yes....This is what I spend my time at home day dreaming about. I'll keep you all posted if I go through with this worthless plan/idea. should be a interesting process IF I DO.


  1. Valerie Carter: daughter, wife, mother, believer, thinker + doer

    Occupation: Dreams in purple. Thinks with the colors of the rainbow.

    Why you need me: Everyone needs a little 'spice' in their life.

    I don't understand why Tom thinks this is funny. I'm on board!

  2. Do it!!! I have business cards for my blog. Hello you get them in purple with a picture of a chicken and your business is called chicken scratch! lets work on this....I have an etsy lady who did my design awhile back.... https://www.etsy.com/people/Meganfoster