A Good Investment--I Hope!

Crumbled cookies, crumbled crackers, crumbled leaves, & various other treasures brought in from outside is scattered across our floors every.single.day. It's an uphill battle all the time to keep the floors clean. As much as it drives me crazy it also makes me smile a bit too. It's one of those “perks” of having a child and dog, so it's worth it. What does not make me happy is a vacuum that doesn't work well. I think it was two years ago that we bought our last vacuum. We would have LOVED to have invested in a Dyson at the time, but we just couldn't justify that hundreds of dollars price tag at the time. We settled in the middle and purchased one that seemed to have decent reviews and was more in the 150 dollar price range. It worked awesome for prob the first year. Slowly after that it lost more and more suction. Very disappointing. I know you get what you pay for but I didn't think $150.00 at the time was THAT cheap. As we moved into this house and have made bigger messes unpacking then ever. I knew the time was drawing near to replace it. But, as our other one was only two years old we were dragging our feet. Friday, though, did the Turkey in. He began to vacuum his basement/man cave area and just quit half way through and said “thats it....I'm done with this P.O.S.” He proclaimed then that he and Nugget would go buy a new one while I had my hair done the next morning. Typically this is one of those things we would research together and even possibly I might be in charge of the entire purchase...but you know my man was over it if he decided he was taking care of this issue himself! So once again we were faced with the “Do we go expensive with Dyson” or do we cheapo it again??? I was leaning toward the cheapo and he wanted to invest. I told him just do what he wanted because quite honestly this wasn't something I wanted to deal with.
SOOOOOOO ----We got a Dyson.....or Tom got a Dyson I should say. But I'm super satisfied with his decision and it couldn't have been timed better. He went to Meijer's and found that there was a mark down on a PURPLE Dyson Ball! He of course inquired and found that nothing was wrong with it..it's just been replaced with a newer model! DUH! This is the obvious choice to buy. It was still more than I WANTED to spend but WAY CHEAPER then a full priced new model! The perfect compromise. We tried her out and loved her right away. Now I just hope that two years from now the suction power is holding up great....but either way with the five year suction warranty I think this was the route to go. Problem solved....for at least 5 years! :-) 


  1. we have a dyson and love it! Not a cool purple one though!

  2. Hang on to those warrenty papers and receipt. AND quit making fun of my very old POS that has been repaired like 10 times in 25 years but still works!! :-)