Happy Half Birthday to my Nugget.

In case you all forgot I love to celebrate HALF birthdays as much as or even more than actual birthdays!! My tinie tiny princess Nugget is 18 Months old today!!!! HAPPY HALF BIRTHDAY NAE NAE!!! So exciting-- but sad all at once.

To kick off the celebration last night we took her 18 month shots.

After that, I got a good start her 18 Month pages for her baby scrapbook. Shes a talkative lil gal these days. I focused one whole page on all her new words :-)

Today she graduates from her highchair and into her booster. I think Im gonna miss seeing the highchair in our kitchen :-( 

Finally, tonight we will go buy all her play food for her kitchen we made and move that beast into the playroom for her! Pictures of that will be up tomorrow!!! What a huge project this has been but we are thrilled with the results. Most of all just so excited to have poured our own love and ideas into such a fun toy for her and future kiddos.

Only I would make this much fuss over a half birthday!! ;-)

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