The Kitchen You Have Been Waiting For....

She's all done and she's a beauty! No joke....Janae didn't step away for an entire HOUR after we brought it in and stocked it with food! We had to pull her away to go to bed. She even cried when we put her bed and she NEVER NEVER NEVER does that! She started freaking out and stomping her feet as soon as she saw it coming in the house. I've never seen such a reaction! Hahaha That's my girl! Her 1 ½ birthday went amazingly! So without further ado here is what we have been working our booties off on for the past three weeks and got done just in the knick of time.

I had NO idea how expensive play food is! Just this was 80 dollars and thats after two of the items were even 20 % off!!! HOLY MOLEY!!! Guess who isn't getting more until xmas?? ;-) haha

The only unfinished part is the window area. I'm waiting for the “perfect” idea. So far nothing has struck me...I don't know if I will paint in a window scene or modge podge it up with amazingness...or some other fabulous idea I have not even thought of yet....

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  1. Carter can't wait to come play!