I haven't had much time to write lately. With July 4th festivities involving my brother, Becky, and their kids visiting and a fun trip to the zoo and then just really buckling down on a few projects, I just havent hardly had a moment to myself. We have been working REALLY hard on the Nugget's Kitchen we are making. We hope to have it all finished and moved in the house by next week for her 18 month bday! -- In case you forgot I celebrate HALF BIRTHDAYS!!!!
 :-) -- After painting that beast yesterday in 101 degree heat Im staying in today and taking some time to myself. One ofmy new favorite blogs is www.lifeasathrifter.blogspot.com and from there I have had some inspiration for small projects. Super easy simple stuff that are just the little things that make me smile....

While at my parents two weeks ago I asked for some twine string. They said sure as they have gobbs out at their barn but then asked what I needed it for. I replied telling them I had no idea but it sounded like something I wanted and could find a purpose for. HAHAHHAH thats me...thats my style. It didn't shock them. They know Im random and have bizzar ideas. Well after one of those nights where I could go to sleep last night because I had about a zillion brilliant ideas, I finally figured out one way to use the twine. Drum roll please.....Im using it as tie backs for the curtains in the play room!

Like I mentioned above I found this amazeballs idea on Life as a Thrifter and I had these hangers laying around so that was a quick project this morning! I just love these fun touches! these hangers added a lil somethin' somethin' in my laundry room and a great way to display (currently Janae's sticker art)
Thats all for now. I gotta get grooving with real chores now!

Check back next week for the finished product on the entertainment center turned kitchen!! 

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  1. I can't wait to see the kitchen! We were gonna do that for presley but I couldn't stand having the entertainment center taking up space lol