List #9.

1. My favorite movies are Dirty Dancing and Clueless.

2. After lots of thinking, brewing, and stewing over the idea....I gave up my “fancy room” which connects to the Playroom and made it one big play room. I feel really good about this.

3. Janae's play kitchen is just a hot second away from being done, leaving only a shopping trip for play food left to do!!

4. These temps back down in the 80's have been glorious! We have been sitting outside every night again.

5. Our trip to Cabo, Mexico is less than two months away :-)

6. I'm still SO UPSET about Ann Curry's departure from The Today Show. She was my favorite. My mornings aren't the same without her.

7. Bought some burlap for no reason...and then found a use for it all in the same day.

1 comment:

  1. Wine on the patio one night soon?
    Excited to see this kitchen
    yeah for the giant playroom (we have one too lol)
    I've taken ann's departure hard as well and have briefly switched to GMA