Looking Forward to Fall "Mom" Fashion.

I know its so silly but I find myself only paying attention to what other moms wear. So as I browse magazines/online I am always drawn to the fashion that mothers have on. Let's just be honest here. There is no reason to look like shizz all the time (although I do endorse yoga pants as you all know) but You do have to dress more practical with a kid hanging from your hip. I know I have written about all this before but today Im just sharing some of who and what i'm drawn to. Each style is similar to the others in some way—usually involving easy simple pieces, layers, and not too restricting of shirts, and no heels.  All in all a real "ease" to their whole look from hair, makeup, to clothes. I realize it's july but I FULLY have fall on my mind. But the real reason behind this whole post is that I cant wait to get back into clothes like these:

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