An Uncomfortable Seating Situation.

Not sure what even spurred this memory to come rushing back last night but this is like the most awkward funny thing that ever happened to me at work...
Four years ago the Turkey and I dressed up as Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo for Halloween. I wore a long blond wig and daisy duke shorts with cowgirl boots and hat and Tom rocked out a jersey, a wrapped up hand (Tony Romo's hand was hurt at that time) and carry this stuffed life size football. The first thing I'd like to address is that looking back I can't figure out why in the world Tom had a stuffed football rather than one of his real ones. I just find this really REALLY odd. But whatever.... so the party we went to came and went. We had a good time.
Tuesday morning of the next week I had my first client who was a big guy...a man's man...a very successful business man. He is a kind guy and I enjoyed my chatting with him each time he was in but def. someone who I didn't act silly around. So things are going great....shampoo, cut, rinse, style.....and just as he gets up for me to walk him to the front desk I realize that stuffed football is my chair and he was sitting on it for the ENTIRE service. I sure I turned a million shades red in that moment. I didn't know what it was doing there for one thing and second I had no idea if he just sat on it because he was unsure what to make of it and felt too uncomfortable to say “oh hey...um...there's a stuffed football in your chair!” or if he really just sat on a flippin' football for an entire hair appointment and didn't notice. I try to tell myself he didn't notice because it makes me feel better but COME ON...how could you not know you are sitting on a football?????????? Anyway, I just walked him up front and said an awkward and rushed “goodbye” and “thanks” and ran away as fast as I could. I had no idea how something so bazaar had just happened! My friend, Christi, found me in my hiding spot not having any idea why I was being so weird and just as I was about to tell her what just went down she goes “oh hey...did you get the football I put in your chair??? You forgot it at the party.” So I told her and everyone I worked with the story and I was pretty sure that one was gonna go down in history.....But, to make matters worse I was screwing with another friend, Tessi, months later and put it in her chair and she too had a female client who sat on it through her entire service! Tessi also had no idea until the very end and had a very similar reaction to what mine was. How in the world did this happen TWO TIMES??????
Wouldn't you know if you were sitting on a football?? Im certain I would notice.

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