A Real Chicken Story.

Fancy Chicken's here with A REAL chicken story. In case you all didn't know Fancy chicken is my sister....actually here is the whole list of chickens in the family in case you don't know:

Mother Hen is my mother,
Fancy chicken is my sis
Chicken Strips is my sis-n-law
Crazy chicken is my neice (Chicken Strips daughter)
Chicken Nugget is my daughter.

But enough about that...time for a real chicken story:

I have a barn with two horses and four mini donkeys. I love my farm and all the noises and messes that come with it. What I don't love are my neighbors chickens. I don't hate chickens in general but I hate these traitors who come into my barn and eat my hay and grain and the poop all over the place. So usually my husband or myself have to go run the chickens off. One particular day we had a harder time ridding the barn of chickens then usual. I was about to lose my mind over these pests so I told Matt, my husband, to take care of "it." Next thing I know he is tromping down to the barn with a BB gun to give this stubborn lil shit a much needed boost to go home already. He shot it in the leg. So, what is worse than chickens coming and going all the time from our barn as they please ya'll might ask me...well let me tell you. ONE THAT'S FREAKING INJURED AND CAN NO LONGER WALK HOME!! Thats what. The thing was laying helplessly the pasture unable to go home. what the hell Matt? His “defense” was "i only pumped the gun three times!" News flash!!!!- one pump probably would have been enough to send that chick on its way. Boys, i swear! Now you might ask me what you do in this situation. I will tell you that as well. You then have to nurse the pesky shit back to health. Yeah, ya'll heard me. I kept the chicken I originally wanted gone so badly and even fed it cracked corn and water. After about three days " my" chicken was healing and getting her feathers all in a fluff wanting to go back home for once in it's life......and now I don't want it to leave. I actually started liking the thing. At least I can always visit my " friend." It is easy to know which one it is because it limps. Oooops!

-Fancy Chicken

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  1. I feel like you need a chicken fry.....