An Extremely Formal Affair.

Play-dates: A period of time when children of the same age get together to barely play and mostly eat.
Also known as Mommy's Talkie time while the children attempt to kill each other.

Having my Nugget girl has revealed to me how quickly “social eatting” really is an instinct we are basically born with—if not, picked up within the first year of life. Let's face it...we are programed from day one to EAT! We come out screaming all “I want some boob!!!” It really amazes me how much at such an early age these kiddos just wanna sit there next to each other and eat... AND also fight for each other's yummies.

As I have mentioned before we have been lucky to have an automatic playgroup. All us Mama's met by working together. We all had babies within months of each other and now we all have chosen to stay at home with our little ones. It's been so amazing having such an EASY outlet for our kid's socialization and our need for adult interaction. 

While being in hyper Internet exploring mode one evening I was looking up play-date ideas just to spice things up. I didn't come across anything in particular that really seemed that creative or different. So I began thinking step by step what our play-dates are usually like and on what part could I enhance or make more elaborate. It didn't take me very long to come to the point where we almost every single week comment on how these kiddos really only want to eat when together.....

So naturally I planned a “Lunch Date”....

And it went something like this:


  1. What a cute idea!!

  2. Now that is fun dining with good company. Creative.