Brain Power.

My brain is too strong for my body. I was able realize this because my brain is so powerful. No, for real. If you only knew how powerful my mind is....

So Tom had some sort of food poisoning/indigestion/stomach flu-bug type situation this last weekend. Shortly after enjoying some mexican cuisine, he suddenly felt like his stomach was in knots. He couldn't tell which end of his body was going to be affected, but he knew something wasn't right. So Friday night came and went. Saturday morning arrived. Just as I got up to get ready for my much anticipated hair appointment and away from home, alone, me-time, Tom dropped the bomb on me that he had been awake all night feeling sick and needed to throw up. He apologized about a gazillion times but unfortunately had to ask me to cancel my hair apt and stay home with Nae so he didn't expose his-- what no longer seemed like food poisoning sickness to her. I'm not gonna lie....I actually shed a few selfish tears but ultimately did feel bad for my dude.

Now you are asking what in the world these two things have in common. I will tell you. I kinda had been having waves of nausea a couple of days late last week as well..nothing so severe that I thought I was actually sick. I linked it more to eating too much or getting too hungry a few times. (this is a common symptom for me in both of those instances) And before you even start suspicioning, No, I am NOT PREGNANT. I am sure of this. But I realized as he was sick Saturday that during moments of paranoia of being around him I could either convince myself I was, too, sick and then moments later convince myself that I was, indeed, fine. My mind and which ever way I DECIDED to think just over took my body. How amazing that my thoughts changed the way my body felt 172 times in just one day.

I used this amazing mental strength while pregnant as well. Especially during the first trimester when only a few people even knew there was a bun in the oven. I worked my twelve hour days and felt “fine.” I did not feel great if Im being totally honest but I wouldn't ever even let my mind say I felt like throwing up. I couldn't go there. Not if I wanted to keep working and stand on my feet and talk to people all day. I 100% believe I controlled my destiny during my first trimester.

So all I'm really trying to tell you is, I'm amazing. My mind is amazing. And I now “believe” I'm a mermaid. So, I'm a mermaid, right?

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  1. Yes does this mermaid have a special sea linked name? I expect a detailed report when you return from Cabo of everything you see while down under the water. :-( for T hope he is feeling better, hear that junk is going around her also.