Freezer Files Wrap Up.

I had a great time surprising Fancy Chicken a year or so ago. While she was home visiting in the dead of winter, she commented how great it would be to have some salt water taffy from our local annual Fall Festival. I couldn’t hide the smile as I headed for the freezer in the kitchen refrigerator. She and Rooster King just looked in disbelief as I went to the back of the freezer and pulled out a bag of Fall Fest taffy. In a matter of 3-5 min thawing time they both were having a treat. Speaking of treats in the freezer. It is almost time for fresh peaches, so I have my pie pans & crust ready. I try to make and freeze six peach pies (unbaked). Love getting one out when cold winds blowing, cook up some soup, and a little thaw time, into the oven to bake and waaaa laaaa fresh warm, peach pie. Save some space in the freezer we don’t want to forget, can do same thing when apples are in season. Mmmmmm Simpler yet, just stew up the apples, little cinnamon & touch of butter, cool, fill in bags and again you are the hero when you pull those out of the freezer in the middle of winter for a great dinner side dish.

I have to admit I have found great pleasure in not only knowing I have fruits and vegetables, meats, prepared meals, sale items i.e. cereal, in our freezer but also treasures. By treasures I am speaking of Girl Scout cookies (bury these deep), left over Halloween candy bars, cashew nuts, potato chips (very hard to hide) but LOVE knowing they are there. Chips are ‘my’ chocolate. There is no eating only one or two chips, get out of my way that is my bag – get your own!

Probably to date since owning a freezer by far the weirdest thing I have had in there is our cat. Now don’t freak out. See after two years of trying everything the Dr. recommended and lots of patience hoping things would get better, it was the kindest act to have him put to sleep. He was never going to get better. Problem here was, it was in the dead middle of winter. Now WHY, WHY, WHY would I not let the vet office handle this situation you are asking? Because they would do the exact same thing, keep him frozen until the ground thaws when someone could bury him. So I took my family cat back home with me and carefully wrapped him in sheet and then in a bag. He rested in my freezer for a couple of weeks until I could bury him at home.

Spicy Chicken keeps ragging me about not wanting to bury me when I pass rather having me stuffed and standing in her living room. OMG how sick is that? I told her I would not be responsible for the mental state of her children if she did that. No, I think I want to be frozen so when science figures out why all those chips, nuts, potatoes clogged up my arteries they can scrape them out and give the old heart a jump start and look out I’m Coming Back!

Mother Hen :-)

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  1. Clearly I get my "crazy" from my mother. I don't see what is so disturbing about having you stuffed anyway! ;-) lol!