I wanna share this but I don't all at the same time.......

Ok... Im 71% sure I aspire to open an Etsy shop.

Chicken Scratch'd Designs*

I plan to focus on hair clips, headbands, possibly even necklaces....and maybe even some crochet goods down the road. I have a ways to go before I will be ready to open up due to needing to get a good stock made of all these things and sort of perfect my designs. My biggest problem with all this, and all things in my life, is focus. My attention span is about the equivalent of Janae's.

-My crochet skills are RuStY! I've been refreshing myself with online tips and working on some items for Nae.
-I'm trying out different techniques for making my fabric roses. I think I've got two nailed down that are good for me. Next is expirmenting with different textured fabrics! ( I cant wait to bust into some silk!)

So bottom line is this:
1. I know I want to open a shop.
2. I'm sometimes lazy and can't focus.
3. I need to create & research much more before I can move forward.

I going to say my goal is early 2013 to get up and going only because of all the holidays/events that are rapidly approaching: Halloween, Thanksgiving (Im hosting!!!), Christmas, Janae birthday, hosting my sister's baby shower....you get the point. So it's scarey to even have written this and to tell people my plan....Makes it feel more real. Makes me feel like I really must get my booty into gear. And Mother Hen-I really hope you are going into business with me --with your aprons. ;-) 

A few things I've done so far in addition to the ones I posted a few weeks ago:


  1. I'm feeling some Colts blue in this line up too for the locals uummm got to think about those aprons, mostly like when I am going to make them

  2. LOVE THEM ALL!!!!