List # 10.

1. I dont believe in using anything generic on any orifice of my body. Therefore I use:
-Cottonelle toliet paper
-Viva Paper towels
-Tampax tampons
-Kleenex tissues
-Band-aid brand band-aids
This list could go on forever. Im not a huge fan of generics in the fist place which is bazaar because Im totally cheap about everything which brings me to my next point:

2. I want all things to be $7.00 or less. Thats my magic “thats a GREAT deal” number. Yes, I often pay more then that because the rest of the world doesn't think that is an appropriate price for most things.

3. I throw away milk, eggs, bread, & almost anything really on the “sell by date.” I am fully aware that those printed dates often are NOT the expiration dates. It's just something about seeing a date on any food item to me just means I can not go past that date. Wasteful I know but I have mental issues.

4. Im super obsessed with my new glasses. Which, again, is odd considering I never wear them except at night...except for in this picture which was the day i got them.


  1. some things you just can't do generic. Back in the day my big thing was condoms NEVER EVER should you buy generic condoms

  2. I love the glasses! I think you should sport them more than evenings.