Mother Hen's: Ever Wonder Why???

How is it we have some of the most common irritations with such a simple solutions? Take for instance the time zone situation we have in our state. Not only do we have to jack around with the clocks both spring (move ahead one hour) and fall (turn back one hour) which puts every child in the entire state off schedule and sends every parent into a spin. That isn’t enough, so we have a small pocket of counties in the south western corner and a couple in the very northern most (6+ hrs away) edge of state on different time zone from the rest of the state!!! So get the picture, we are on different time zones 365 days a year. IT SUCKS. I for one endured the entire school career of my children going to school on central time and Rooster King working on Eastern Time zone. It was always a juggling act to have after school snack/ followed by Rooster getting home 30 min. later looking for his dinner. Then the bedtime, ugggggggly business. Naturally Rooster was ready to get some shut eye before I could get the chicks to quiet down. We had clocks on work time – clocks on school time. The real breaker was when I dropped Banty Rooster off at school (2nd or 3rd grade) and scurried back home only to realize I had just taken him an hour early. I immediately rushed back to school to find him sitting inside the hall way lights only dimly lit, classroom still locked. He said no one was there. No kidding. Come on back home for an hour. Needless to say I felt like total worthless crap as a Mother Hen. This time situation continues. All the chicks have flown the coop and yet I deal with it. See they all have moved and live on Eastern Time while Rooster & I live on Central. When I find myself with some sit down chat time in the evenings they are already in bed. I hear my phone jingle early in the AM with a text coming in – yep I am still in bed. I have come to a very simple method to get the ENTIRE state on one time zone as it should be. See our governor and state government ‘brains’ live and work in the very dead center of the state. I propose that city be divided right down the middle from the north to the south with the west half being on Central time the east half on Eastern Time. I guarantee in one years time this situation would be fixed. At this point no one is willing to vote for 100 % Central or Eastern Time since they see the hell we put up with and certainly don’t want it to affect them if they live anywhere near the state line. Ok then let’s get a little more elementary, look at the freaking map already !!! IN should be on Central Time Zone any 4th grader could figure that out.

Another simple solution – See today I went to Wal*Mart (don’t get me started on how much I hate doing that) but was forced to do so. There is never a good time to go in there but today was just a STUPID move. Day before school starts! OMG every kid in there was Mom, Mom, Mom, Moooommm, on and on and on. I wanted to pull my hair out and I didn’t even have a kid with me. Not many smiles from the parents either. So with my cart full of every heavy thing our house could possibly be out of i.e., cat liter, shampoo, mouth wash, laundry detergent, bottled water here I am trying to get that cart to steer without killing someone. Next problem check out. Seriously has anyone in the history of Wal*Mart ever seen all 25-30 check outs open? I don’t believe it is possible they only ran electricity to about 15 check out isles. So I am thinking about the fact that I live less than a mile from a very busy summer water/theme park and when the crowds are large rather than have guests wait in long lines to ride the rides they hand out a number, guests can do other things and when their number is getting close they announce the numbers ready for their rides. So Wal*Mart how about giving out a number at the time we pick up the cart and like $200 later, about the same time our number will be called, we can just go to check out without the long lines. Seems so simple doesn’t it?

All they have to do is Ask I am always more than willing to help. Got a problem, give me minute I’m sure I can think of something.

Mother Hen. 

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