One & Only (for this week)

With about a zillion things going on in my head, and working on making at least half of those actually come to life, my fabulous family visiting for last weekend, now catching up...only to leave again this weekend for some Turkey and Chicken time on vacation, I have had very little time to write or even think of all the amazing things I should be sharing on here. So I'm gonna blow open one big, giant, glorious, explosion of amazeballs information for the whole week. Go ahead and kick back so hard and enjoy the shit out of this....

Chicken Vocab:

Coot” my new pronuciation of “cute.” Again, there is no reason for saying this other than to sound super cool and of course, it's just more fun to say.

This has changed my life:

How have I lived the last three months in this house without this chalkboard??? It changes everything for me. Even Chicken Strips totally agreed that this was a necessary to making this house “right.” I'm sleeping so much better with this hanging in the entry of my kitchen.

Fall, Clothing, Kids, & Shoes:

Yep, its that time again! The season is about to change and the nugget has outgrown her clothes AGAIN...what else is new?? I swear these mini people grow so fast. If you aren't careful you spend a fortune clothing them too! I have been really lucky to get almost all her “play clothes” as hand me downs so far from a couple different sources. Bottoms I have almost always had to buy because she is tall & skinny (which almost no brand caters too) grrrrrrr!!!!! But anything else I can get used is awesome and so appreciated! I always buy a few fun new tops/dresses for her but I try to keep each season/size change in a 50-75 dollar shopping budget. Thats includes shoes too. Shoes are the item for myself or Nugget that I'm totally the cheapest on. It makes my skin crawl to spend 50 + dollars on a pair of shoes for them to only touch dirty sidewalks, grass and get all scuffed up. So, the cheaper the better..... and whats better than 9 for the price of.....well, ZERO?!?!?!?? Thanks to my fabulous niece for being born 5 years and 5 days before I gifted this world the most delicious Chicken Nugget you ever could lay your teeth into, I was able to borrow most of hers! People, Im talking cowgirl boots, wedge suede boots, snow boots, dressy brown leather boots, nike tennis shoes, crocs, etc!  Im DELIGHTED and Nae Nae is too. She cant stop trying on all her “new” shoes. Shes in love with the cowgirl boots the most and Dad's happy that a bank card wasn't swiped for all those kicks. :-) I know this many shoes is really excessive but with colder weather we will need a few more shoe options—unlike this summer where we survived on about 3-4 pair of shoes considering she usually only would choose either her Crocs or sparkle flip flops to wear every single day. 
So YAY!!!! for hand me downs!!!


I will:

-get a massage.
-enjoy the last few local farmers markets.
-finish organizing all the baby items and clothes Nugget has outgrown.
-begin Christmas shopping.



This is a taste of what yumminess will be sold in my etsy shop. More exciting news on that subject to come! :-) ;-)

**The rest of the week**

After Dinner&Drinks with one of my favorite gals, a pedicure, 3 play-dates, and a Nugget drop off :-( , we are saying “Adios” for a week! Be back in a flash people! I'm SURE I will have thought of and possibly experienced TONS of things you can't possibly continue to to live your life without knowing!

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