Painted, Stained, & Glued.

Like I said Monday...I LOVE WEEKS LIKE THIS!!! I've been so busy that I HAD to drink wine almost every night to decompress. I actually can't believe I completed all this, while still working in three playdates this week AND managing to escape alone one night to go snuggle a newbie baby. :-) :-) But without further ado here is SOME of what I've been up to.
My most favorite and most amazeballs “redo” of the week was a piano bench that used to sit in my parents room growing up. I suck at taking before and after pix so all you get is the finished product photo today. It began as a medium/dark solid stained wood piano bench. I painted, distressed, and glossed this bad boy. Then, did my very first DIY upholstering job!! I think I killed it personally!!! I'm SUPER THRILLED with the results. It turned out JUST as I envisioned and sits at the end of our main entry hallway.

This one is a Pinterest idea I copied. Thanks to The Rooster King for snagging this wood pallet for me and hauling it all the way to my house. I got her sanded and stained and with the help of my dude, she is hung up in the basement/man cave. I'm obsessed with the rustic/industrial/raw/dude-like feel of the basement. It's finally beginning to feel like a intentional space rather than a standard catch-all basement.

(yes.... if you look closely, there IS a mini ceramic toilet, that the Turkey loves, on his new “shelf”....Thanks Mother Hen for that jewel.) also The giant checkers are a favorite of Janae's so the chances of them actually staying on this shelf is slim. That's Tom actually picking them up in this photo. I couldn't seem to get a pic without Nae or Tom in it! ;-)

Lastly, this is such a fun little hobby I have developed. (Amber don't read further unless you want to know part of what Presley's birthday gift is!!) It all began with a HUGE obsession with hair---so I became a hairstylist. Then I had a baby....and she needed headbands. I couldn't get enough when my nugget was a baby. As she grew older and decided that she HATES headbands I had to find an alternative fashion/beauty statement for her. Her hair grew in. She hates it being messed with... but after lots of Spicey Chicken torture (im kidding...sorta), daily brushing, and practice wearing hair clips and ponytails we are finally making progress. I usually can get a good hour or so out of her tolerating something in her hair now. HOOOORAY!!!!!! SUCCESS!!!!! So my new thing is making HAIR CLIPS!!! YEAH!!! See, I find that not enough of them that you can go out and about to buy have enough bling for us chicken girls. We like sparkle in our house. So I had to take matters into my own hands and just make the damn things. I can bedazzle the crap-ola out of em and decide exactly what I want according to the equally amazing clothes I fill her closet with! So I'm literally super new to this whole thing but I think I'm off to a good start. I've already learned a few things as far as how to apply the glue and what type of ribbon works best on the clips and that Janae MUST STAND ON A CHAIR and watch as I make them. So here is first few clips that I have come up with! More to come!

So thats that. Now the weekend begins. HAPPY FRIDAY!


  1. LOVE the bench! That shade of green + white looks awesome. Nice work!! You were busy this week!

  2. Good work you have been very busy. As for J standing on chair watching. . . .lol get used to that she isn't going to miss a thing.