Wiped Away.

I love when I discover something awesome. Which is like all the time ;-) ….... I know this is not a ground breaking discovery and as I suspected, when googled, there were many people saying the same thing, BUT.....


I L.O.V.E. Black eyeliner and black mascara. I RARELY don't have any eye makeup on...I believe in eye makeup being a “MUST” almost as much as I believe purple should be everyone's favorite color. So my quest for like the last decade has been to find the best thing to take it off with so that I'm not left looking like a Panda. I've come across a few liquid removers that were nice, some awful ones that quite possibly were just bottled water, and some really great make up removing wipes. I have always enjoyed the wipes the best for their ease. The liquids drive me crazy because then I have to add in the whole cotton ball element and then shit just gets to complicated for me. Too many things sitting around or too many to gather to simply remove my makeup. The wipes have been awesome but they really are very pricey. So at the end of the day I'm cheap and have found myself not using anything specific for my eyes for months now—just my facial cleanser (which my eye Dr. would kill me if he knew I was using bioglycolic cleanser near my eyeballs! EEEEK!) So anyways, I can't even remember the scenario of why in the world I used a babywipe a month or so ago to take off my makeup, but I did, and it was the best removal I SWEAR I have ever had. Zero smudging, running, or even residual makeup to go over again. I did have a few thoughts/concerns afterwards. At first I was super excited because HELLLOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! I already buy bulk in baby wipes and they are WAY cheaper than the makeup removers. So thats $$ saved and total convenience that I already stock these. Then I was like “oh crap” I have sensitive/easily irritated skin...I hope this doesn't dry out my skin or give me breakouts. But after reminding myself that if they are gentle enough sulfates for my baby girl's booty then its probably gentle enough for my face. I know they are NOT chemically designed for the face but after many trials I have had no problems, breakouts, dryness, or irritation. They are a winner for me! I'm seriously so excited I can't even stand it.

**I'm a hardcore fan of the Huggies Soft Skin wipes just in case you wondered what brand Im having such massive success with.***

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  1. Now can't help you with the mascara smears but you know how Mother Hen saves $$ for eyeliner. Go for it girl permanent is fantastic.