I was in Babies R Us this last weekend for the 41,782nd time in the last 2 years and something finally made sense to me. While I was still pregnant and making my first few visits there I remember thinking how odd it was that they have so many batteries at the checkout counter like the grocery store has magazines and gum. Not only that, they would always ask “do you need any batteries today.” I was always like “uh no....random!!!” Then I'd just walk out and keep thinking they must have some partnership with Duracell or something! I'm now LAUGHING MY ASS OFF that I actually thought maybe their asking about batteries had something to do with them being affliated with Duracell! I mean people this is really comical stuff! I was so na├»ve! Of course its because all kids toy require 17 batteries at a time and then they go dead after 6.5 seconds. I mean just last week Turkey replaced batteries in two of Nugget's toys and I think that wiped out two whole packs! So much about my life is all making sense now. Growing up we used to make fun of my dad A.K.A. The Rooster King for always adding batteries to the shopping list! We thought he was just a nut job but now I'm thinking that dude was on to something. I do still think he might have been a little excessive with the battery buying, but at least we were never out! We have been out a time or two and thats when things get dicey around here -- when Nugget suddenly needs to “vacuum” and the thing wont turn on. Who knew that would make her have to pull her hair clip out and throw it across the room?? GEEESH!

So now you all can laugh about what a ding dong I am. :-) :-)

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  1. Hahahahah yes nothing like needing to get some work done and have a break down. Throws you whole day off! Seem to remember Turkey having a similar experience in the basement recently resulting in a new vaccum. New shopping list: bread, milk, eggs, batteries.