Dog Sitting.

I've been dog sitting this week for Mother Hen and The Rooster King while they are taking a break from life in New Orleans. I have dog sat many times before and this particular experience has been nothing like the others....which is what prompts me to write this. Some of you might think “eek...two extra dogs + your own dog + a toddler = hot mess!” …....Not so much. The reality is actually this:

My energetic lil Nugget has constantly been all like “hey...lets play!” and the dogs have been all like:

And then I'll be like “hey puppies! Let's go outside!” and they are like”

And then Nugget goes down for a nap and they are like:

And then I'm like “hey dudes. Wanna eat??” and they are like:

And then they are like:

And thats each day.


  1. Isn't that pathetic? Sadly it is very true! In defense of Sadie (black Dachshund) she is 12 yrs. old. However, at home they love running around outside, they all pretend to be farm dogs. lol