List #11.

1. Had the best weekend. Nothing crazy special... Just lots of awesome family time!!
2. I want to eat a grilled steak... like, ASAP.
3. I'm going to start wearing boots this week. LOVE FALL!!!!
4. I'm TRYING to watch the whole Star Wars series with the Turkey. So far it's not my thing BUT I don't completely HATE it either.
5. There is a hole cut in my basement ceiling right now due to water....UGH!!!!!!
6. I've been wanting to polish my nails for at least 3 weeks now but never find enough time sans Nugget to get the job done.

**A secret: We moved May 25. Thats almost 4 months ago and until yesterday we still had one WHOLE storage unit full of belongings. Yes, thats right. It's embarrassing how much money we wasted for 4 whole months because we simply just didn't feel like making the trips to empty it and deal with all the stuff. So four trips made by the Hubs later we are all empty and can turn in the lock. Whew! Moving is officially done people! YEAAAAAH!!!!

My favorite “I forgot I had this” surprises found from this storage unit were:
1. My karaoke machine!! (Tom is sooooo gonna want to divorce me once I start using this thing! hahhahaha)
2. This electro ball thingy which will be PERFECT for my halloween play-date party I'm planning.
3. My ironing board. (Yes, embarrassed as I am, I have to admit I haven't ironed a damn thing in four months. Eeeek!)

That's All. Lets have a great week people!

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