New Art.

After last weekends Farmer's Market combined with Art in the Park I knew I HAD to make a piece for the playroom. I wanted something really fun and simple. I also knew it must include twine, composite board, and rhinestone sparkle. Random right? This is just my method of art. I always think of the materials before I actually have the vision of where its going. So after seeing an AMAZEBALLS piece well out of my price range (we are talking like $500) I knew it had a component that would be incorporated. It was a painted metal piece with oversized crystals dangling from the bottom. Brilliant and stunning. So wish it was more like $100 and that beauty would have been mine. But who am I kidding. I always want the most outrageously priced things. Anyhow, thats when my plan went from only materials to an actual art piece taking shape in my head. So here is what I came up with. I painted on a piece of composite board rather than canvas. this gave a very fun casual/play-roomy touch to it. Im still toying with the idea of adding some of my twine/sparkle do-dads to the center of a large dot or two just for fun but I'm stuck in the place I know to well......is less really more? Or is more more? That is my remaining unknown about this particular piece. 
**sorry for the awful pictures due laziness.

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