Random Memories.

Spending time on the airplane always leads me to thinking of past travels and all the great places I've been and things done. So on my way back from Mexico over the weekend I was reeling through the list in my head I suddenly remembered something epic. This is gonna knock your socks off.

While in NYC for my very first time, 3 years ago, I shared a room with one of the most awesomely kewp (refer to chicken vocab) yet wonderfully bazaar people I know. I was on a trip with some other stylists from the salon to attend the Intercoiffure Fall Aletier. Basically what this translates to you is this: shopping, eating, drinking, hair & fashion shows, music, and even a few celebrities. This event is big time. Not just anyone can go. You must be accompanied by a member of Intercoiffure (which is a world wide organization consisting of only the top 3%of the hair industry) Luckily for us our boss and owner of our salon is a member and graciously takes stylists from the salon each year to this event.

**All I wanted you to understand from above is how special this trip was and how fancy the people we rubbed elbows with were for 4days.

So back to my kewpster, Katie, and I.... So on the night of the black tie gala at the world famous Waldorf Astoria hotel, I decided on a whim that I would need full bangs in order to look my best. I know in your head you are already like "how perfect that you can decided you want your hair different and get instant results since you are all hairstylists" Wrong. We don't go everywhere with our shears. But don't get all bummed out yet. I got my bangs cut. It's just that we used manicure scissors to do it! You know the ones where the blades are only 1/2 inch long. It was an incredible 45 min of manicure scissor cutting. It felt like a decade passed before we were all done. I'm not sure if the laughing or miniature scissors slowed us down more. Either way, I just let my friend do what every person at this Gala would consider unthinkable and a hair sin. We couldn't wipe the smiles off our faces for days. The best yet was coming back home and acting like using small scissors was a new trend learned for bang cutting technique.

I'm not sure how in the world I'm flying back from an amazing trip to Mexico and that is what memory I became fixated on. Better yet, I don't know why that stupidity is my favorite memory from such a phenomenal trip that only a few are lucky enough to go on. But, I suppose thats just typical me....being most excited about something completely worthless and stupid! :-) 
Thats me on the left with my infamous bangs along side my gals from the salon with the industry changing Martin Parsons. This guy is legendary in the hair world. If you dont know already he is a genius with formal upwork.

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  1. Seriously that is right up there with triming bangs with toenail clippers!!! Got to admit a fun memory.